Young Living: The Cure for Everything

These little bottles really do grant wishes…

But there isn’t a genie that pops out… sorry.

There is a Young Living Essential Oil for everything. Literally everything. This isn’t breaking news, though. In fact, essential oils have been used for thousands of years for cosmetic and dietary benefits, and even spiritual and religious uses. Now in modern times, this company has been leading the pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil market for almost 20 years.

Young Living has been a health staple in my household for a long time. When my mom first got her starter kit and told us these oils were going to solve all kinds of problems, we all looked at her like she was kinda crazy…but of course, mom’s always right. Never forget that.

Essential oils can be used through a diffuser, orally, or topically. How you use them depends on which oils you’re using and what your end goal is. There are so many oils. So many combinations. SO many benefits.

Overwhelmed yet? NBD. TBH I still get overwhelmed. Let’s work it out together.

Product: Young Living Essential Oils

Process: Oils are created by careful steam distillation, resin tapping, and cold pressing.

Retail Price: Depends on the oil, but typically range between $10 to $30.

Where to buy: Young Living website

Time Used: 5 years.

Young Living Thieves Deep Relief

Are Young Living Essential Oils really worth it?

So if I told you about every use for Young Living Essential Oils I’d have to write a novel. Newsflash: I’m a blogger…one page is my limit!

Thankfully, my mom has what I like to call the “Young Living bible.” You can look up an oil and read about how to use it and its benefits. Or if you have something that you want to treat (allergies, acne, stress, sore muscles, etc.) you can look up your symptoms to find the perfect essential oil elixir. If you’re a newbie to the oils game, then this guide is a MUST!

I use oils daily. Lavender in the diffuser puts me to sleep. Peppermint soothes my tummy when it’s upset. These are my go-tos and probably the most obvious. My favorite Young Living oils, though, are a little more off the beaten path.

Young Living Thieves

My all-time favorite oil blend is Thieves. This blend (unique to Young Living) is a powerful mix of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary and it is oh-so-magical. I use Thieves to kill germs. Yep, oils can kill germs. When people around me are sick or I’m about to travel…you can bet I’ll be running straight to my diffuser to get some magical Thieves in my system. If I diffuse Thieves everyday when sickness is in the air, I swear to you, I never get sick. It’s amazing. If I don’t use Thieves…I get sick. Simple as that! Thieves is also used in a slew of cleaning products, including a hand purifier that I never go anywhere without (You can ask Claudia! She’s now a Thieves hand purifier lover thanks to me.)

Young Living R.C.

If I do get end up getting sick, I always rely on the Young Living R.C. blend to clear congestion and stop my nasty coughs. Works like a charm. The website says it can even be used to keep you motivated during your workout…learn something new every day! Told you, I get overwhelmed too. Cue: monkey with hands over his face emoji.

Claudia and Alex were having trouble sleeping not too long ago so I suggested they try diffusing Lavender every night. And what do you know? They’re sleeping like babies now! Almost to the point to where they want to find a travel-friendly diffuser to bring with them everywhere they go. They diffuse Lavender, Rosemary and Cedarwood every night (warning: Cedarwood may cause you to have some STRANGE dreams! Seriously, read this.) It might sound crazy, but once you experience the power of essentials oils, there’s no going back!

Other Young Living Hacks

Have a pesky pimple that won’t go away? You need Frankincense or Purification.

Sore quads after too many squats? Girl, same. I turn to PanAway or this Deep Relief Roll-On.

Need a pick-me-up on a gloomy day? Grab a citrus oil like Lemon or Joy.

Allergies dragging you down? Mix Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint and diffuse away, baby!

Catching my drift yet? There’s an oil for everything.

I have Aha! Moments with Young Living Essential Oils ALL the time. Everytime I try a new blend or oil and it fixes something I’m in awe. There’s something so positive to be said for turning to the foundations of nature to heal us rather than man-made chemicals. Everytime I avoid a cold or feel my mood turn instantly, I’m always so grateful my mom brought these crazy oils into our household years ago.

They may be pricey, but they work. Anytime I’ve tried to cheap out and buy different brands from nearby stores, they’re never as effective as Young Living. Not to mention, I’m obsessed with the blends that are exclusive to Young Living. So yes, they’re worth every penny!

Young Living deserves a CO Stamp of Approval for every oil they have! That’s a lot of stamps!

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