The Honest Kitchen: Whole Foods for Dogs

I believe my dogs should eat high-quality, healthy food.

I stumbled upon The Honest Kitchen (THK) while walking through Barnes & Noble. Dog food in a book store? Kinda.

A book called, Dog Obsessed, caught my eye for obvious reasons. The book was written by the founder of THK, Lucy Postins. When Lucy’s beloved dog began suffering from a chronic illness and conventional medicine wasn’t helping, she turned to changing her dog’s diet. She made her dog’s food in her own kitchen with real, wholesome ingredients. Just like that, her dog was cured and she had created The Honest Kitchen.

Human-Grade Pet Food

The Honest Kitchen is 100% human-grade pet food (available for both dogs and cats) that is made with dehydrated whole foods.

What exactly does it mean to be human-grade? I could explain, but they really do a great job on their website

“Some companies use a few ‘human grade’ ingredients, but their processing may not take place in a human food facility, so their products lose their legal human grade status. Old-fashioned pet food like kibble and canned food is ‘feed grade’, which means it might include not-so-tasty by-products, chemicals, fillers and other ingredients that have been condemned as unfit for human consumption (like dying, diseased, disabled or deceased animals). We wouldn’t choose that for our human family, and we don’t think our animal friends deserve it either.”

Product: The Honest Kitchen

Embark Ingredients: (All ingredients dehydrated) Turkey, organic flaxseed, potatoes, celery, spinach, carrots, organic coconut, apples, organic kelp, eggs, bananas, cranberries, tricalcium phosphate, choline chloride, zinc amino acid chelate, vitamin D3 supplement, vitamin E supplement, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, iron amino acid chelate, copper amino acid chelate, sodium selenite, thiamine mononitrate.

Retail Price: I buy the 4 lb. box of Embark for $49 (makes 16 lbs. of food)

Where to buy: Get 50% off your first 2 lb. box with this link!

Time Used: My pups have been devouring this for 2 months now!

Perks: Non-GMO | All Natural | Dairy-Free | Gluten-Free | No Corn | No Soy | No Byproducts | No Preservatives | USA Made | In-Stores and Online

The Honest Kitchen Dog Food

Why My Dogs Love The Honest Kitchen

Every time I would feed my dogs, I couldn’t help but wonder what I was truly feeding them. The packaging always said nice things, but I could never actually verify by looking at a brown, hard, cold piece of kibble.

Before finding The Honest Kitchen, I was so tempted to turn to a raw diet. I was ready to start meal prepping every week for my dogs. That’s how much I love them. When I went to the bookstore, I was actually looking for research on feeding dogs a raw diet. I was looking for a way to know exactly what was going in their bodies.

I started my obsession with THK by ordering a sample pack that came with Force (chicken, no grain), Embark (turkey, no grain), and Revel (chicken with grain). The food itself looks like powder with little chunks of yumminess. All you have to do is mix it with warm water to rehydrate it.

To test it out, I mixed half of the sample pack with the kibble they were used to eating. Bella, my pickiest eater, devoured it. Every recipe they sent, she devoured. Like magic!

Healthy Pups, Happy Mom

I was convinced. I have been switching between Force and Embark ever since and have seen significant improvements in both dog’s health. We had just rescued Brody before switching to this food. He had come to us underweight, his skin was dry and flaky and his fur was coarse. In just a few weeks of eating THK, Brody has reached a healthy weight, his fur is getting softer, and his skin has seen significant improvements.

Bella, who was putting on a few winter pounds (more to love, am I right?), has balanced out her weight. Not only that, and I didn’t know it was possible, but her fur is actually shinier and softer than before. Better snuggles!!

Honest Kitchen Test

The first time I used The Honest Kitchen, I couldn’t help but be shocked that I could actually see the ingredients they listed. You can visibly see spinach, celery, chicken, turkey, etc. It’s all there. What a concept…

My other Aha! Moment came when I read this article. THK does not allow pet stores that sell puppies to stock her product. They lose tons in profit just for taking this stand. For that, I will be furever loyal. #AdoptDontShop

Since I have truly never found a better dog food and I don’t plan to switch to another, The Honest Kitchen receives our stamp of approval!

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