Meet the Certifiers

Certifiably Obsessed About Us

We met not too long ago in a marketing lab, where we still spend most of our time (when we’re not obsessing over puppies and beauty products, of course). As brand strategists, we analyze trends and companies ranging from established oldies to fresh-face startups, so it’s in our nature to discover how brands become cult favorites.

Quickly going from just co-workers to long-lost besties, we discovered our mutual obsession for testing the latest trends. So, we decided to take our day job past five o’clock and Certifiably Obsessed was born.

Our goal is to give you honest, unbiased reviews of the latest and most popular beauty and lifestyle products that are blowing up your Instagram feed. As typical Type-A personalities, we have a strict review process to ensure every product is given a fair and honest trial. Each product has the opportunity to earn our stamp of approval, helping you discover your next obsession.

And a special thanks to our photographer, Alexander Pfau (a.k.a Claudia’s bae), for all the amazing shots on this blog!