How We Certify

In this section of every post, you’ll learn more about how we found the product and why we chose to review it. We’re kind of obsessed with research, and we make sure to do lots of it before we choose a product to certify. We read up on the brand’s mission and product offerings, we source through reviews from current users, and we analyze their buzz on social media. If a trend is too good to be true, you can be sure we’ll be reviewing it!

You’ll also find a “rundown” list in this section that gives you the need-know-deets about the product (name, price, where to buy, ingredients, etc.) We also like to point out the “product perks”…free shipping and returns, anyone?

Product experimentation is what we live for! There’s nothing like getting that much-anticipated package in the mail and testing out the product for the first time. In this section of each post, you’ll read all about what we did during our experimentation period.

We abide by some pretty strict rules for this one:

  1. All products are tested for at least 30 days, if not more.
  2. They are fully incorporated into our daily routines and replace whatever similar products we were using (or eating) before.
  3. If we’re unsatisfied with the product within the first few days, we contact customer service for suggestions or product exchanges.

We want to make sure each product gets a fair shot at getting CO certified!

Our Aha! Moments are very real and very honest. Seriously, we tell it how it is! In this section, you’ll get a glimpse into the the exact moment when we realized we were either obsessed with the product or sadly underwhelmed.

Products we love and are worthy of a second, third, fourth…or 100th purchase will receive the official Certifiably Obsessed Stamp of Approval.

We know that some products might work well for some while not for others, which is why we make note of how each of our experiences and results differed so you can make your the decision that is best for you.

We hope that our testing and certification process helps you find a few new favorite products for your vanity, home, closet and gym!

Have a product you’d like us to test out for you? Contact us to let us know!