Girlfriend Collective: Leggings Made out of Water Bottles!

Did those Facebook ads get you hooked?

They definitely got me! Eco-friendly, ethically manufactured, luxury leggings for $20? SIGN. ME. UP. Not familiar with the Girlfriend Collective social phenomenon of 2016? Let me catch you up.

Girlfriend Collective ran a pre-launch promotion last year where all you had to do was pay $19.95 for shipping and share your purchase with your friends on Facebook to get a pair of their core leggings. No catch. No scams. Just a good ‘ole fashion company on mission to change the way fast fashion is manufactured. And the more hands (and legs) they could get their leggings into, the faster we could all be a part of their movement.

Fun Fact: Did you know a full-length Girlfriend Collective legging is made out of 25 recycled water bottles? They’ve already diverted 6 million post-consumer plastic water bottles from landfills!

Extra Fun Fact: GFC leggings are made in a SA8000 certified factory in Vietnam. This means that each of their workers are guaranteed a living wage, no forced or child labor, safe working conditions, and the right to unionize.

Even though their “free-legging” promo is over, they did announce that they are releasing their full line of activewear this spring. And you should be as excited as I am because, as you can tell, there is so much more to this brand than a social media campaign…

Product: Girlfriend Collective Core Leggings

Materials: 79% recycled micro polyester and 21% spandex (read more about their eco-friendly materials here!)

Retail Price: Core Legging will retail for $70 when line launches.

Where to buy:

Time Used: 7 months. Wear them and wash them once a week after a workout.

Perks: SA800 Certified | BPA-Free | Recyclable Packaging

Girlfriend Collection Claudia

I pretty much live in leggings! I normally workout 5 days a week, so I definitely value a good pair of leggings that will hold up after multiple sweat sessions and multiple machine washes. And as soon as I took these GFC leggings out of their packaging, I knew they were keepers.

The fabric was sturdy, soft and not see-through at all. Not to mention, I was instantly in love with the fit. They are high-rise and have just the right amount of compression. So they basically make my legs look longer and leaner. Double win for us shorties! Speaking of shorties, the leggings were a tiny bit long on me…as per usual being that I’m five feet tall. I just roll the bottoms up once, and I’m out the door!

After wearing them and washing them once a week for about 7 months, I can safely say these have passed the certification test. They are still as strong and soft as when I pulled them out of the packaging.

My physical Aha! Moment with these leggings was after my first workout. I noticed I didn’t have to tug or pull at these at all throughout my run. The compression is real – even after 28 washes!

My emotional Aha! Moment goes back to how these leggings are made, what they are made with and the general mission behind the brand. GFC takes their time. And that’s not something you hear very often.

Too many fashion companies are rushing styles in and out of stores to meet our low attention spans, and they end up disregarding both the quality of their clothes, and the quality of the working conditions they put their employees in. It’s refreshing to hear about companies, like Girlfriend Collective, who have managed to give us lucky gals the luxury of high-end fashion while maintaining an eco-friendly and ethical manufacturing process.

In case you couldn’t tell already, Girlfriend Collective will definitely get the CO stamp of approval. Anyone else as excited as I am about their spring collection launch??