Franklin & Whitman: Save Your Face and Pups

I just want to do face masks and rescue all the dogs.

I would just like to thank Franklin & Whitman for combining two of my favorite things: beauty products and rescue pups. How do they do that and why should you care? Listen up!

I first discovered Franklin & Whitman through one of my favorite bloggers, Rachael’s Good Eats. She had incorporated a few of their products into her daily routine and when she partnered with them on a 40% off sale I jumped at the opportunity! Honestly, it would be wrong if I didn’t.

My new goal is to be a face mask connoisseur…don’t judge. With my #goals in mind, I knew I had to give one of the Franklin & Whitman face masks a try. My big dilemma was deciding which one to get. Literally all of them seem amazing! So I went with Midtown Village (a.k.a.  the coffee one) because…it’s coffee, need I say more?

Then I learned these masks, like many others, can’t be mixed with anything metal or plastic so I obviously had to get the mask bowl kit. I purchased both in a face mask gift set that was on sale (double win!). Best of all, 5% of my money was saving the pups!

Can’t get any better, right?

Products: Franklin & Whitman Midtown Village Face Mask | Mask Bowl Kit

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, Coffee Arabica, Vanilla Planifora, Carbo Activatus

Price: Midtown Village Face Mask $25.95 | Mask Bowl Kit $32.95

Where to buy: Franklin & Whitman website

Time Used: 2 months

Perks: All Natural | Plant-Based | Cruelty-Free | Paraben-Free | Recyclable Packaging | 5% of Purchase Goes Toward Dog Rescues | Made in USA | Free Shipping on All U.S. Orders

Franklin & Whitman mask

Franklin & Whitman…I Love You

Remember reading the very few ingredients to this mask? Maybe you scrolled right past it because you were expecting a super long list. Well, there’s only four ingredients and we should take a sec to talk about ‘em…

  1. Bentonite clay: Nixes dirt from your pores and soaks up all those toxins and impurities. Buh-bye nasties!
  2. Fair-trade coffee: Tightens and tones your skin (sounds like a workout class for my face and I’m so down.) Not to mention, the stimulant properties in coffee improve blood flow which improves radiance. Get your glow on, girl.
  3. Madagascar bourbon vanilla: Full of antioxidants and prevents/reverses skin damage caused by free radicals, while also slowing down the aging process. Gimme some of dat.
  4. Activated charcoal: Naturally purifying and absorbs oils without over-drying. Very necessary in the summer!
Franklin & Whitman Mixing
Prep That Mask

So all those ingredients are in powder form…say what?! Yes, Franklin & Whitman is actually setting you up for an itty bitty bit of work. Beauty is work, friends. And here’s how you do it.

To make the mask, I first take 2 little wooden spoonfuls (probably about ½ tsp. each) and put them into the bowl. Then, I mix in equal parts water (doesn’t matter if it’s warm or cold) using the same cute wooden spoon. Finally, once the mask has reached a consistency of my liking, it’s time to paint my face!

Franklin & Whitman mud
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

The coffee scent is oh-so relevant and oh-so satisfying. It makes you feel happy and energized all at once! Similar to how I feel when I walk downstairs in the morning to freshly-brewed coffee (truly my happy place!).

I let the Franklin & Whitman Midtown Village mask sit for about 10 minutes. The key is to not let it dry all the way, otherwise it’s harder to clean off and you’ll see some lingering redness (nothing to get your panties in a bunch over, however). As I let it dry, I like to take a closer look at my skin so I can see some of the toxins being pulled up from my pores. There’s nothing more satisfying! Another good thing to note, this mask doesn’t tingle, burn, sting, etc. It is simply soothing!

Thanks, Franklin & Whitman

After letting the mask sit, I grab a washcloth to help rinse off the mask. I suggest you do the same. Those little coffee grits can be hard to get off entirely with just your hands!

Once it’s all rinsed, I immediately notice a healthy glow. I love to follow up with my Cocokind toner and chia facial oil…hello more glow!! Honestly, the worst part about taking off the mask is not smelling the coffee anymore. I may be addicted!

There are a lot of reasons why this Franklin & Whitman face mask is #COapproved

  1. 5% of profits are donated to dog rescues. I’ll just leave it at that because…dogs.
  2. Clean, healthy ingredients. Only four ingredients left at a powder form to ensure freshness and effectivity!
  3. It works. Visibly brighter and smoother skin is really all we want in life, right?
  4. It’s gentle enough to use daily. But you do you and use it however often you want!
  5. It’s even fiancé approved! Don’t tell him I told you, but Patrick loves this face mask.

Here’s that CO stamp of approval Franklin & Whitman. I love ya.

P.S. They’re also running this “perfectly imperfect” campaign because we’re all perfectly imperfect and all need to be reminded of that everyday. So go buy their super cute, must-have t-shirt for a stylish reminder!