Cole Haan Margo Lace-Up Sneaker: A Closet Necessity

Why is finding the perfect sneaker so difficult?

So, Claudia and I have almost twin-like telepathic abilities. Aggressive? Maybe. But, when we both found ourselves looking for the same style of shoe during lunch one day, we knew it was true. (There have been other instances, too. We’re not completely crazy.)

We were both on the hunt for cute sneakers that were comfy, but not athletic. Something that we could wear to work, but also dress down with a sweatshirt and no makeup. We searched high and low through DSW, Nordstrom… the list goes on, until we stumbled upon these Cole Haan beauties. We both wanted them, knew they were in stock at Nordstrom Rack, and next thing I knew I was getting a text from Claudia on a Saturday afternoon alerting me that they had them in my size…in every color.

Half an hour later, we were walking out of Nordstrom Rack together with matching shoes (different colors, of course). #twinsies

Product: Cole Haan Margo Lace-Up Sneakers

Materials & Sizing: Leather. Fit true to size.

Price: $89.97 at Nordstrom Rack

Where to buy: Nordstrom Rack (Hurry! They’re running low)

Time Used: 2 months of running errands, traveling, and dog walks!

Perks:  Wallet-Friendly

Cole Haan Margo Sneaker

I have these beauties in the light gray and Claudia has them in white. They are by far our favorite day-to-day shoe right now. They match with everything! We’ve worn them with both jeans and leggings and are excited to try these with dresses and shorts when the weather warms up. Is it summer yet?

I truly think you can’t go wrong with Cole Haan. I have a pair of their Zero-Grand sneakers, too. They have great, simple styles that are just truly comfortable. That goes for their heels, boots, flats…anything! The brand might not always be wallet-friendly, but when you find deals at Nordstrom Rack, it’s a win.

The only issue we have with these shoes is the short laces. Since they are so short, I don’t tie them like normal shoes. I just pull them tight and tuck the laces. It does give for a cleaner look, which I love, but can get annoying when you feel a lace slip under your heel or they just start to feel a little less snug. This doesn’t happen all the time, though.

Claudia was able to actually relace the shoes and got a little more length out them to tie normally rather than tuck to the sides. The shoes are a little roomy on her so this helped them fit better.

Regardless of our lace fiasco, they’re definitely our favorite shoe right now!

There are two particularly great things about these cuties. One is that they’re leather, but they clean well. You can take a wet rag to them and they won’t stain. Gotta love that. Especially when my pups decide to take me through an off-road suburban adventure…(is that a thing?).

The next great thing about them is that they are painless!! No blisters. No cuts. No sore heels. Nothing.

We’ve worn these everywhere and truly put them to the test. Shopping trips. Dog walks. Airports. Commercial shoots. We take our certification period seriously!

In case you couldn’t tell already, these shoes will definitely get the CO stamp of approval. Hurry to Nordstrom Rack and get yours!!