So…You Want to be a Certifier?

Yay! We’re so glad you’re here. There are SO many products and trends to be put to the #COtest and we SO need your help!

By becoming a Certifier, you will get the exclusive opportunity to test products for free to help everyone discover their newest obsessions! Exciting, right? Here’s how it works…

Check Yo’ Inbox!

Every brand engagement will allow for a certain number of you to test the product for free. When a new engagement begins, we’ll send out an email informing you of the product, how many Certifier spots are available, and any other experiment details you need to know!

The email will include a link to a signup form. Simply fill out the form and wait to see if you’re chosen to be a part of the experimentation! Certifiers will be chosen at random.

This is the most important part of your role as a Certifier! Channel your inner Sam and Claudia and experiment away! Here are some experiment need-to-knows:

  1. You must use the product for at least three weeks.
  2. The product should be completely incorporated into your routine. If possible, it should fully replace a similar product that you currently use.
  3. Log your results over time! Are you noticing changes? Improvements? Unexpected results? Take notes and pictures to capture those observations!
  4. Have fun with it!!

Share Your Results

Here’s where things get really fun! You now have a vehicle to share your results with the rest of the Certifiably Obsessed community and beyond!

After you’ve experimented with the products for three weeks, you’ll receive an email from us with a link to a survey. As part of your experiment participation, you must complete this survey. It’s easy, quick and the most efficient way to share your results with us, the brand, and our readers!

Spoiler alert: one of the survey questions will ask if the product has received your CO Stamp of Approval. If 75% or more of Certifiers give their stamp of approval, the product will officially receive the stamp!

Become the Top Certifier

You’ve put in all this time and effort on your own CO experiment, the world deserves to know about it! While experimenting, share your results on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtags #CertifiablyObsessed and #TheCertifiers.

The more you spread the word, the better chance you have of becoming our Top Certifier for that experiment. As deemed by the OG Certifiers (Sam and Claudia), the Top Certifier will earn a guaranteed spot in our next experiment. To keep things fair, you can only be a Top Certifier once in a six month period!

Are you ready to start your own CO Experiment and become a Top Certifier? Join in on the fun!