BarkBox: The Dog Lover’s Dream Come True

My dogs deserve the world.

If you’ve checked my Instagram feed lately (or my dogs’), you’ll quickly understand that I am head over heels obsessed with my dogs. If you’re like me, or even just a “normal” dog parent, you have to check out BarkBox (even better, you can get your first box free through this link.)

It’s possible that I get more excited for BarkBox every month than my dogs do. This company does a truly fantastic job at brand consistency and strategy. Who doesn’t appreciate a spot-on brand voice and strategy? Just me?

Each month, with tails wagging, we go out to the porch to find a box with two bags of treats, two toys, and a chew. Every box has a theme. The themes have included major holidays, camping, traveling, back to school, and even a California-themed box (you can bet Patrick, my southern-California born boyfriend, was more than sold on that one.).

Product: BarkBox monthly subscription

Contents: Each box comes with two bags of treats, one chew, and two toys.

Price: $20/month

Where to buy: Use this link to get your first box FREE!

Time Used: My pups have been jumpin’ for joy for 12 months worth of BarkBox.

Perks: Wallet-Friendly | Free Shipping | Free Returns

BarkBox Test

It’s not too hard to figure out how this subscription will fit into your life.

  1. Get your tail wagging and open the box.
  2. Channel the heart-eyes emoji as you discover the theme of the box.
  3. Take the tags off the toys and throw them to the pups.
  4. Open the treat bags and indulge (not you, the dogs).
  5. Spoil your pup from snout to tail.

My only issue, if you can call it an issue, is that we now have too much stuff. My dogs just don’t go through toys and treats as fast as other dogs do. So, now that we have an overload (see below, and that’s not even all of it), we’re going to pause our subscription for a few months and jump back in when we’ve gotten through some of it.

If you find yourself in a similar spoiled-dog situation, I’d recommend donating anything you don’t want or need to local rescues!

For two toys and three bags of treats, you pay $20/month. When I think back to the fact that I’ve spent $20 on one toy, the box immediately is worth it. Not only is it wallet-friendly, but everything that’s in the box has to be BarkBox Approved, so everything is safe and healthy.

My other Aha! Moment, has I kinda mentioned up top, is that this brand knows their stuff. It’s not just a brand, it’s become a way of life for dog people. Bark&Co is the owning company of BarkBox and a few other things for the the dog-obsessed. Check out the BarkShop to re-buy any of the stuff your pup loved in the box or check out tons of other goodies. You can subscribe to the BarkPost to have literal happiness delivered to your email inbox.

Obviously, #BarkBoxDay is a monthly holiday at our house. So, it most definitely receives the CO stamp of approval!

Want to be as obsessed as I am? Use this link to get your first box FREE!