5 Ways to Make Your Life Healthier

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be difficult!

I absolutely LOVE that being healthy is so trendy now a days. Not to say being healthy wasn’t important or talked about before, but it seems like everywhere you look now everyone’s talking about how to get healthy or make better choices. I love it!

The one problem is that there’s SO much information that sometimes it can be hard to digest it all and turn it into something applicable for your life. Honestly, it can be overwhelming! If you start to really take a hard look at everything in your life, the list of ways to make it healthier can add up real fast.

Cue: Certifiably Obsessed

Good news is, we’re here to make it easier. After experimenting left and right, we’ve started to get a pretty good handle around the decisions in which we feel are important to a healthy lifestyle! So, we’ve gathered our top 5 ways to make your life healthier…and we hope you love them as much as we do!


1. Refresh Your Workout Routine

I would guess that a lot of people fail at sticking to a workout routine simply because they just end up bored! Even though I have my favorite way to workout (classes at my local studio, Nafas), I still like to switch things up every now and then just to keep things interesting! Sometimes I like to do Tone It Up videos in my living room, yoga in the backyard with Asana Rebel, or even quick Blogilates videos paired with a walk or jog.

If you really want to mix things up, Claudia’s latest workout obsession is P.volve. Believe it or not, this program involves ZERO CARDIO! What?! How is it possible?! You’ll just have to read her full review to find out!


2. Use Clean Beauty Products

Cocokind SkincareOkay, let me preface this one with this can be totally daunting when you start to realize how many bad ingredients are in SO many of our normal beauty products! Sulfates, parabens, phthalates, etc., the list of toxins goes on and on! So before you start to dump your entire bathroom into the dumpster, start with the products you use the most!

If you want to get to the bare bones, straight outta nature products, we would most definitely recommend Cocokind! Cocokind products are so simple and so clean…sometimes it’s hard to believe how well they work. (They also recently added a makeup line that we’ve been dying to try!) Honestly, we can’t just pick one brand when we have a list of very clean beauty products we’ve reviewed in the past:


3. Eat a Balanced Diet

Body Love FeatureSo I’m the queen of everything in moderation! I’m not going to stop myself from eating a cookie or that bread at dinner just because others do…I truly believe if you eat everything in moderation, everything will be just fine! Now, that’s just me, and everyone gets to say and do whatever works best for them!

Claudia and I have found the principles that Kelly LeVeque outlines in her book, Body Love, make total sense when it comes to learning about and achieving that perfect balanced diet! If you haven’t read the book (or Claudia’s review), you totally should. Kelly makes it super easy to understand what our body’s need, why they need it, and how we should fuel it everyday! Not to mention, the Fab Four Smoothies are DELISH.

4. Find A Clean Protein Powder

Naked Pea Protein Vanilla PowderSpeaking of smoothies… You’ve picked up a healthier, more balanced eating routine, but you haven’t thought twice about those scoops of protein powder you’re throwing into the blender. (Or maybe you have!) Protein powders can be sneaky little devils…something seemingly so healthy and important can be chock full of ingredients you definitely never thought you wanted. SO frustrating!

If you’ve experimented with protein powders in the past, you know it can be so hard to find one that tastes good and doesn’t turn everything it touches into chalk…am I right?! Thankfully, Claudia and I have found our one true love when it comes to protein powders…only three ingredients and tastes like a freakin’ dream. Say hello to Naked.

5. Incorporate a Multivitamin or Supplement

Ritual Vitamins ExperimentationI don’t know about you guys, but even on my healthiest of days I’m not sure I could ever get absolutely every nutrient I need via food everyday. Not to mention, my fridge would have to be jam packed! You know what, nix that. I’d have to just live in Whole Foods!

Since I can’t live in Whole Foods (bummer, right?!), I’ve found the perfect way to supplement my eating is with a multivitamin and supplements. Honestly, it took awhile for me to jump on the vitamin/supplement wagon solely because I was convinced I could manage without them. After over a year of taking my women’s multivitamin, Ritual, I now know I can’t live without it! And Claudia and I both take different Hum supplements everyday that we also couldn’t do without!

It’s Your Health Journey

Just remember, everyone’s different and everyone needs to take their own path to making healthier choices. Even Claudia and I have taken (and still do) different paths to define our healthy lifestyles! We use different clean beauty products, different workout routines…heck, just about the only thing that’s absolutely the same for us right now on a regular basis is using Naked protein!

So, maybe you just pick one thing to change or maybe you do it all! Or maybe you just decide none of this is for you. Ultimately, you do you girl!