Curology: Custom Acne Treatment

It’s Real Talk Time If you deal with acne on a regular basis...listen up! I’ve dealt with cystic acne that not only ruins your day, week, outfit, night out, work day, etc. because you hate how it looks, but is honestly just downright painful and uncomfortable! For many years, I’ve[…]

Naked Pea Protein: Less is More

Let’s Get Nakey You can say I have a bit of experience when it comes to protein powders...and you can also say I’ve had a strain of bad luck when it comes to finding the perfect powder for my morning #FabFour smoothies. Anyone else out there struggling to find their[…]

CO Group Experiment: Mario Badescu Facial Sprays

The First of Many! OMG guys. Our first #COGroupExperiment was a total success! We were so happy to finally kick this program off last month and can’t wait to share the results with you today. So, a little background...we randomly recruited 13 Certifiers who were interested in experimenting with our[…]

Joy: Not Your Average Wedding Website Builder

What if a wedding website was more than just the info you couldn’t fit on the invitation? Most of you probably know by know that both Claudia and I are getting married this year. (We aren’t kidding when we call each other Twinsies!) We’re giddy and excited...obvi! But there are[…]

Virtue Styling Products: Our Obsession Continues

Nothing Can Stop Us, We’re All the Way Up! Alright, alright. Maybe not us, but our hair sure is! Our obsession with Virtue continues, ladies and gents. This time, we’re all over their styling products. Want to know why?? BECAUSE THEY WORK! Seriously. Virtue styling products are on another level.[…]
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